Meditation - Art Expression

Designed for Creative Sensitive Children

Mediation helps children better understand and process their emotions which lead to better relationship with others – siblings, parents and classmates.  When children become more comfortable with their emotions they also improve their relationship with themselves, heightening their self esteem.  Each week the children will explore different ways to express themselves through Meditation and movement through music and art.  These modalities will enhance your child’s creativity and confidence.

Little Children Hands doing Fingerpainting with various colors

Inspirational Works for Children offers a safe, non-judgemental environment so that children can  express themselves freely.  Every child can meditate, it teaches children to focus and harness their energy in a creative way. Meditation is helpful for children with ADHD, nervous disorders and highly sensitive children.  It helps balance their inner and outer world. During the course children will learn how to develop and write their own meditation for their ongoing enjoyment.

4 Week Mediation Course
Includes childs mediation piece & Certificate, materials inclusive

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About Lynette

Lynette has a natural gift for intuitively knowing what people are experiencing. She uses this gift to provide guidance so her clients can access their own intuitiveness and apply it in all aspects of their life. 

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