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Your intuitive self has guided you to taking the first step to exploring and unfolding what you have been longing to know.

By simply asking a question you can open the door to many new ways of thought and discovery of the past, present and an expedition of future journeys.

You already have the answer; you just don’t know it yet!

Lynette knows all to well the importance of selecting the right counselling session. Earlier in her life as she struggled with her own spiritual gift as well as enduring the traumas at different stages in her life, she never could find a conventional counsellor that suited her.


It was through her own journey of Spiritual development and intense personal work that she began to understand the necessity for a different approach to enhancing her own life. Intuitive counselling guides you to listen to your soul’s language,  connecting your heart and soul for greater understanding and awareness.

Lynette believes we have been conditioned to seek answers, solutions and meaning outside ourselves. Yet all the while the answers and/or solutions are hidden deep within. We just haven’t been encouraged to explore our inner guidance map. Everybody has at some time in their lives experienced some sense of intuitiveness; of knowing something would happen before it happened; or that ‘gut feeling’ that something just doesn’t feel right. That is your Inherent Intuitive Self speaking to you. It’s an integral part of you. You just haven’t used it as often as your other senses and so it appears foreign and you ignore it, or simply do not hear it speaking.

Heart to Heart Counselling              (In-person, phone & Zoom)

Offers guidance into a new way of thinking and living. It’s much more than just a counselling and/or mentoring session, it’s a journey you perhaps have never quite had the courage to embark on before. We are each unique individuals, so therefore we each have a different and unique way of dealing with everyday life. Understanding this, Lynette develops and implements specialised sessions to suit each client.

This is why Lynette works with a variety of approaches; as she believes that each client is unique by nature and holds the key within, and only needs intuitive guidance to assist them to gain their own insights.

Spiritual Medium/Intuitive Readings (In-Person, Phone & Zoom)

Lynette connects with her guides and loved ones; she is a conduit between our world and the spirit world. Spirit will give guidance that they feel will benefit you in your relationships with others, and in your life generally.

During a reading a loved one that has passed over may present.  Lynette will connect  with spirit and pass on any message they wish to convey. This is a very healing and heartfelt experience for the client. 

These readings provide insight into the world around you and confirmation as to whether you are on your true path. There are many different ways in which she conducts her readings, and this will depend on her client and what they need to know on the day.

Personal Intuitive Art Therapy Session

Lynette finds Art Therapy a wonderful way of expressing what we perhaps find difficult to express verbally. Person centred therapy within art therapy assists the client to find a variety of ways of looking at how they react or response to different life situations and experiences. The purpose of using art media and the creative process is to facilitate self expression, create effective coping skills, develop self awareness and strengthening a sense of self.  Art therapy is not limited to one theme, and there is a range of materials and ideas to play with and explore.  The process is facilitated in a safe, non-judgmental, trusting and relaxed environment. Art therapy is an exploration of self; a doorway to hope and building confidence and self-validation.

Gaining insight, self-awareness and reflection increase motivation in dealing with, and experiencing any issues, worries or fears.

To become self-aware enriches your life. You begin to notice how your life starts to flow. It may have ripples, and it may have waves, and storms may come. With self-awareness you can bring calm to the ripples, the waves and heartfelt peace to the storms as they fade.
– Lynette Duncan-Gardiner

Everyone has the natural gift of intuitiveness, only you have the key to open it up and that is where I come in.

By utilising my gift of ‘knowing’ and ‘feeling’ I connect with you and spirit to open the hidden door ways of your intuit self.

To find out if Intuitive Counselling is for you, ask yourself –

Am I willing to take an intimate, conscious/subconscious plunge into my life’s story?

Am I keen  to discover an understanding of my past, to the present, for the future?

Am I enthusiastic to acknowledge and understand my full potential?

If your answer is ‘yes’ then click on Contact and Lynette will offer you a free half hour Consultation

Concession Consultations are available on Wednesdays

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About Lynette

Lynette has a natural gift for intuitively knowing what people are experiencing. She uses this gift to provide guidance so her clients can access their own intuitiveness and apply it in all aspects of their life. 

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