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Our Art therapy group will utilise creative visualisation meditation. Then we will reflect on what we experienced during mediation and express that experience using creative modalities such as drawing, collage, painting and/or journaling. Each week we will discover themes that will assist us in connecting with our higher self; drawing on our unconscious mind to give us greater clarity and bringing healing to any concerns we have in regards to moving forward in our lives. Through this experience we will learn to understand how we work and what may be blocking us.


What is an Art Therapy group

An art therapy group comes together for the purpose of using art media and the creative process to assist in fostering self expression, creating coping skills, developing self awareness and strengthening a sense of self.  Art therapy is not limited to one theme, and there is a range of materials and ideas to play with and explore.  The process is facilitated in a safe, non-judgmental, trusting and relaxed environment.

Art therapy is an exploration of self; a doorway to hope and building confidence and self-validation.

Gaining insight, self-awareness and reflection increases motivation in dealing with, and experiencing any issues, worries or fears.

Sharing in a group facilitates social support and trust, welding the group together, giving each individual a sense of ‘I’m not alone’ as well as allowing them to pursue their own path.


A little about me and why I use Art Therapy

My background reflects a wide variety of experience in management and training in personal development, and also after a very personal and intense spiritual experience, I focused on my gift “clairsentience” after 14 years of both personal and spiritual development here and overseas. I decided it was time to start my own spiritual workshops and development classes. Art therapy is a new addition to my skill set and I am excited to share my knowledge and experience.

Intuitive/spiritual development classes are my passion and there are a lot of people out there who are very intuitive but are yet to acknowledge or fully awaken their gift. So I began to assist others in understanding and tapping into their intuitive abilities, whereby learning that they are better able to cope with, and manage their everyday concerns, conflicts and struggles. In researching and studying art therapy, I have discovered it to be a very therapeutic way of healing and understanding ourselves, and adding to and exploring a richer sense of self.

Though somewhat similar to my development classes, a formal art therapy context offers a more holistic approach and framework to self-discovery and integration of self.

Having balance between body, mind and soul gives us a sense of completeness and generates peace within our hearts.

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About Lynette

Lynette has a natural gift for intuitively knowing what people are experiencing. She uses this gift to provide guidance so her clients can access their own intuitiveness and apply it in all aspects of their life. 

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