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Lynette’s spiritual, physical and emotional breakdown catapulted her into the dark cold abyss of her past; she knew it would be painful and confronting. However, with the guidance and help of spirit she was confident she would be able to find the keys to all the hidden doorways and this would encourage her to look inside and sit down to have a conversation with whatever or whoever was there.

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The day she truly trusted her faith in spirit and embraced her gift of ‘clairsentience’, and ‘claircognizant’ was also the day she followed her heart to embark on a journey to discover her soul’s purpose.

It was time! She had hit rock bottom; no job, no money, alone. There was, literally, nowhere else to go. It would be a journey she had to do alone. No one really understands the path of another, no matter how hard we try to walk in their shoes - we all perceive and respond to experiences differently. We can have compassion and empathy, but only if we truly have it for ourselves.   This is why it was so important for her to explore her own heart and soul. She realised that to heal and to truly understand the spiritual woman she is, she had to embrace all of her pain and shame.

Lynette was excited about this very intimate spiritual and empowering journey; she was also apprehensive and terrified of what would unfold. It was to be a poor woman’s journey of Eat, Pray, and Love. The table of food was lacking, but there were lots and lots of praying to the point of feeling she was going mad! The LOVE was for her to discover, the self-love and forgiveness that would be the beginning of a new life.

It’s hard to explain but the heartache, and the never-ending stream of tears along with the mental, physical and spiritual exhaustion of her healing, seemed to be easier to endure than the pain, shame, and the feeling of abandonment she had been carrying around for the past 45 years.

Moving through this period of her life, she grew to understand that the spiritual side of her life and the mundane had to blend or meld together if she was to have a fulfilling life purpose and direction. So she consciously decided to follow her intuitiveness (which she named her ‘heart wisdom’) and, in so doing, her true passion began to take shape: to share her knowledge, teachings, and experience of being ‘an empathic’ or sensitive, to enable women to empower themselves and embrace their sensitivity and gift, and to integrate this into their everyday life.

To live a wholehearted life!

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About Lynette

Lynette has a natural gift for intuitively knowing what people are experiencing. She uses this gift to provide guidance so her clients can access their own intuitiveness and apply it in all aspects of their life. 

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