Oracle Card Workshop

The Art of Reading Oracle Cards

Oracle card reading is a great way to enhance, develop or deepen your intuition. This workshop introduces you to the world of reading intuitively for yourself and for others. The aim of the workshop is to assist you in gaining more insight into your own intuitiveness so you can receive clarity around decision-making and recognising the positive and negative influences in your life.  

Oracle Card Readings

Provide clear and accurate Oracle Card reading
Identify the meanings of colours in Oracle Cards
Interpret the symbols in Oracle Cards
Provide Past, Present, and Future Card reading
Phrase your questions to get clear and instant answers
Activate your inner Wisdom
Energise and clear your Oracle Card decks
Prepare yourself to give an Oracle Card reading
Prepare your Oracle Cards for instant guidance

The benefit of learning how to read Oracle Cards is that you become to trust your own intuitiveness and reading your cards each day is both motivational and inspiring. Oracle Card reading can enhance your self-esteem and confidence in a positive way, as it helps you look at different situations with clarity and empowerment.


Monthly Workshop – Third Friday 11 AM - 1 PM
Investment: $95

Oracle Readings
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About Lynette

Lynette has a natural gift for intuitively knowing what people are experiencing. She uses this gift to provide guidance so her clients can access their own intuitiveness and apply it in all aspects of their life. 

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  • Mornington Peninsula, Victoria, Australia

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